Posted On: 17 Nov 2016

The natives are getting restless in the seat of Currumbin. First they discovered that Palm Beach residents would be ignored, despite their requests for community consultation before any decisions were made regarding the proposed stage 3 route of the light rail along the Gold Coast Highway. The minister has made it clear that he will limit the scope of any consultation to directly affected landowners and key stakeholders. Poor Joe Citizen will not get a look-in! Failure to include the wider residential population in consultation is insulting.

It is not just the Gold Coast Highway that residents of the southern Gold Coast cannot have a say about. They are being completely left out of discussions to widen the M1 from Mudgeeraba to Tugun and the border. This minister thinks the Gold Coast stops at Varsity Lakes. Why did he not include us in the business case for the section from Mudgeeraba? We all know that it costs more in the long run to do separate planning. Millions have already been spent investigating a corridor for heavy rail. There has even been a tunnel built under the airport runway to accommodate it. Currently there are significant roadworks on the M1 at Palm Beach. TMR confirmed this project is guardrail extension work and safety maintenance due for completion in mid-December. Instead of wasting taxpayers’ money on this project, the government should be widening the M1 at the same time.

We remember the desal plant—yet another example of no consultation from a Labor government. We are still paying through the nose for it. Interest payments alone for it and the failed western corridor are over $150 million a year. We could have widened the M1 to the border by now on the millions we could have saved if Labor had not spent so recklessly. Think about it: $150 million a year just on interest, not on the principal loan.

Now we are being kept in the dark over Commonwealth Games event routes for cycling and walking events. We are not being kept in the loop. While Goldoc and government officials snoop around our community, our organisations, our facilities and our schools, we are told nothing will be disclosed until around April next year. That is simply not good enough. How many races will be held in Currumbin? We know that the beach volleyball is coming to Coolangatta, but the route for cycling and walking races is a secret. Rumours abound that cycling will go along the beachfront then up into Currumbin Valley via Currumbin Creek Road. What of the time trials? Are the men’s and women’s held on separate days? How long will the hundreds of affected businesses need to be closed for—one, two, three, four or more days?

It is critical to engage the community and get it on side, not withhold information and ignore it in the consultation process. I call upon the minister to do so before arrangements are set in stone. When the games bid for 2018 was secured the deal was that the road cycling race would go up through Currumbin Valley, and at that time I had concerns about the poor condition of the road and works that would need to be done. There was no talk about the race going through light industrial sections, impacting on hundreds of small businesses. Once again I call on the minister to disclose to residents.



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