Adjournment - Gold Coast Crime

Posted On: 1 Jun 2017

Earlier this month in my electorate there was a shooting at Coolangatta, and police are investigating whether there are bikie links. On 23 April, at around 4 pm, two men left a Coolangatta hotel and repeatedly kicked and punched a man on the footpath. Task Force Maxima officers identified the two men as Lone Wolf outlaw motorcycle gang members. On 4 May at Helensvale, an attempted carjacking not only terrified the 24-year-old victim and driver of the targeted car but also left one of the perpetrators, a 15-year-old girl, suffering critical injuries. A 12-year-old has been charged over an armed holdup at a Gold Coast service station. Crime is on the rise under this soft-on-crime Labor government. It is extremely worrying that residents have reported triple 0 calls being diverted to New South Wales, with some going unanswered. The Palaszczuk government must get to the bottom of this and find out why Queensland communication centres cannot cope.

However, it is the rising number of our youth, some barely in their teens, who are becoming involved in highly risky and brazen criminal behaviours that should be ringing alarm bells. Tonight I argue the case for school based police officers, which has the support of principals from both high schools in my electorate and local police. However, we all seem to have been given the run-around and told differing information. Last week my office was informed that no new school based police officer positions have been committed to since 2012—that is five years ago. In that time, we have witnessed a frightening escalation in youth crime.

Given the very recent bomb hoax at Palm Beach Currumbin State High School, a school based police officer is warranted. On Wednesday, 3 May, before dawn, an envelope containing white powder and a note was left at the school gate, twice sending the school into lockdown. Students were advised to stay home. During assembly, a message about a potential bomb was sent through AirDrop by someone in close proximity. It was discovered that a 13-year-old was responsible for sending the message but did not leave the envelope at the gate. That perpetrator was still being sought. There is nothing amusing about this cruel prank, especially in light of shocking terrorist attacks that have claimed innocent lives in numerous locations around the world. Only today it was Manchester.

What is deeply disturbing about these incidences is the seriousness of the suggested acts. The hoax was designed to terrify an entire school community and wasted many hours of police, fire and rescue resources, not to mention that of parents and carers who had to alter their work and other routines.

Kids today face many challenges. Social and digital media has changed the way we communicate. More school based police officers are needed and they are needed now. I once again, after letters to my schools and to different departments, urge the minister to please commit to a school based police officer.

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As the State Member for Currumbin since 2004 we have achieved much together to make the place we call home an even better and safer community.

It truly is an honour to serve the caring and connected residents of Currumbin.

Your thoughts and concerns matter to me and I look forward to continuing to be a strong voice on your behalf.

My electorate office staff and I are here to help you with state government issues.

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