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Posted On: 11 Jan 2017

In 2004 when I was elected as the member for Currumbin, the long-awaited Tugun bypass was a key election issue. People who had waited 20 years for it were fed up with inaction. Four years later on 3 June 2008 it was opened—albeit as the most expensive piece of road in Australia at $543 million for 7.5 kilometres of road. In 2003 Acting Prime Minister John Anderson and Queensland transport minister Steve Bredhauer announced a 50 per cent joint agreement for the project. New South Wales refused to contribute financially to the road. Here we had two state Labor governments side by side, with over 60 per cent of the new road in New South Wales, and Premier Beattie could not get them to contribute a single cent. The federal government put up their money, but due to Beattie’s incompetence causing cost blowouts the project ended up being funded 78 per cent by the Queensland government and 22 per cent by the Australian government.

Here we are eight years later and the M1 congestion has increased dramatically bringing traffic to a standstill. I am well aware of the growing frustrations and concerns of my constituents and the urgent need for M1 widening from four to six lanes to Tugun. That is why it is always top of my priority list each election campaign, and I will make sure it stays there until this project is completed. That is why I have called on the Palaszczuk government to at least include this section of road in the business case they put to the federal government.

What is the point of widening the M1 to Varsity Lakes, pushing congestion further south, doing nothing to alleviate roadblocks caused by accidents much further north? This is not a new issue. Labor have been in government in Queensland for 15 years out of 18, and what do we get? A whopping debt—not new roads and rail to the airport, but debt. During 2010 estimates, the Labor minister for main roads said that Labor was doing ‘everything in its power to tackle congestion’ and that ‘There is almost $1 billion to upgrade the Pacific Motorway between the Gateway and Tugun’. What happened to that promise?

I have spoken many times in this House on this matter and will never apologise for being vocal on this issue while southern Gold Coast residents are treated like second-class citizens, denied the infrastructure they deserve. Criticise me all you like, but I will not back down. I ask the minister: did he include the section of M1 from Varsity Lakes to Tugun in his discussions with federal minister Fletcher? Did he take a business case? If he did not, he has been exposed for playing cheap politics. Minister Bailey obviously has not done his homework or he would not have said all we want is the same deal as over the border. Well, the Tugun bypass is directly over the border and it cost a motza $543 million because of Labor’s gross incompetence. Stop the finger-pointing and deliver on promises. It is time for some action from the government. As I have said before, let us find out if he has even bothered to do a business case.

Welcome from Jann

As the State Member for Currumbin since 2004 we have achieved much together to make the place we call home an even better and safer community.

It truly is an honour to serve the caring and connected residents of Currumbin.

Your thoughts and concerns matter to me and I look forward to continuing to be a strong voice on your behalf.

My electorate office staff and I are here to help you with state government issues.

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