$26m should be used to dredge Cairns Harbour to boost tourism

10 May 2011 12:22 PMJann Stuckey

10 May 2011

THE $26 million Labor wanted to blow on its dodgy electoral funding plan should be directed to helping Far North Queensland’s battered tourism industry, the LNP said today.

LNP Shadow Minister for Tourism Jann Stuckey today asked Labor’s Tourism Minister Jan Jarratt if the money would help the Cairns cruise ship project.

“Minister, I refer to the crucial dredging of Cairns Harbour to encourage cruise ships and the desperate need for a boost to tourism in the Cairns region. Minister, would $26 million assist in delivering the proposed cruise ship facility that has been much delayed under this Bligh Labor Government,” Ms Stuckey asked the Minister.

“The Minister’s response was flaky because everyone knows that tourism is struggling but Ms Jarratt won’t do a thing to help.”

Ms Stuckey said there was no question that $26 million would be of great benefit in helping to deliver the cruise ship facility that Cairns needed.

“This is another example of funding priorities that Bligh Labor has got so horribly wrong.

“Tourism in Cairns and Far North Queensland has taken an almighty hammering and yet this government would rather blow $26 million of taxpayers’ money on electoral funding for political parties when its own coffers are chock full of cash from ALP-affiliated union donations that will be exempt under Bligh Labor’s dodgy plan.”