Auditor-General gives Schwarten ‘F’ for Fail

6 Jul 2010 2:42 PMJann Stuckey

6 July 2010

Truant Minister Robert ‘Rocky’ Schwarten should spend less time asking people to step outside’ and pay closer attention to running his portfolio, the LNP said today.

Shadow Minister for Information and Communication Technology Jann Stuckey said Minister Schwarten’s annual report card from the Auditor-General showed he hadn’t been paying attention and fully deserved the fail mark from the A-G.

“Once again the Auditor-General has found on-going serious security and change management issues at CorpTech and CITEC under the neglectful watch of Minister Schwarten,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Auditor-General Report to Parliament No. 8 for 2010* is a damning indictment of Minister Schwarten’s performance, revealing failures to implement similar recommendations for improvement identified by the Auditor-General as far back as 2006-07.

“Twelve months ago, the Auditor-General identified key failings regarding Robert Schwarten’s management of Government IT Security, citing major problems including inadequate security and firewalls and an inconceivable absence of intrusion detection and prevention systems.

“Today’s report shows Minister Schwarten has ignored these recommendations and notes ‘minimal progress’ has been made in addressing shortcomings.

“Despite these security flaws, very limited progress has been made in deploying technology to detect attempts to breach the protection of financial information and transaction processing.”

Ms Stuckey said it was clear from the Auditor-General’s report and Minister Schwarten’s total disinterest in Queensland Health’s pay fiasco that Anna Bligh should show some leadership and remove him from the portfolio.

“It is past time for Robert Schwarten to be relieved of his responsibilities,” she said.

“As a former school teacher, Minister Schwarten should understand this report is saying: ‘Rocky Schwarten spends too much time picking fights in the playground, he fails to learn from his mistakes, and does not pay attention to what is important.

“Premier Bligh should cancel his enrolment in her cabinet forthwith.”

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