Auditor-General must investigate health pay bungle

20 Apr 2010 10:14 AMJann Stuckey

20 April 2010

The State Opposition has written to the Auditor-General asking that a full investigation be held into the bungled Queensland Health Payroll System.

LNP Shadow Treasurer Tim Nicholls said as the magnitude of Labor’s failure has become apparent through Opposition questioning, so has the need for a full audit of the process.

“It is important that the independent Auditor-General report to Parliament on all aspects of this fiasco. We can’t leave it to the Deputy-Premier and Health Minister, whose attitude is more like Sergeant Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes, than of a responsible Minister.”

Mr Nicholls has asked the Auditor General to specifically look at:-

• The contract terms including any penalties and sanctions;
• The conditions surrounding the award of the contract to SAP and IBM;
• Any claims the Queensland Government may have against the system suppliers;
• The level of reporting to both Minister Lucas and Minister Schwarten;
• What steps the responsible Ministers took to ensure the new payroll system would work;
• Security of payments and ensuring correct payment of staff;
• Security of sensitive and confidential personal data;
• Total cost of fixing the system.

“These are important matters of public interest and the Auditor-General, as an independent officer of the Parliament, should report to the Parliament. This is too big an issue for an internal review controlled by Labor and its spin doctors,” Mr Nicholls said.

LNP Shadow Minister for Public Works Jann Stuckey has also written to the Auditor-General because the same payroll issues run across all government departments under Bligh Labor’s shared facilities program.

“While the new payroll system has been rolled out first in Queensland Health, it will potentially affect many thousands more State public servants and we need to ensure the system will work properly before it’s rolled out any further,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Public servants and the community need to know exactly what’s gone wrong and Ministers Lucas and Schwarten need to guarantee that anyone who comes forward with information about this bungled system is not persecuted.

“Let’s clear the air and get some answers, Queensland Health workers and indeed all public servants deserve to know what went wrong.”

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