17 Sep 2009 2:20 PMJann Stuckey

17 September 2009

PREMIER Anna Bligh has threatened the residents of the Mary Valley with at least two desalination plants if the Traveston Dam does not proceed.

Shadow Minister for Public Works and Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey said the Premier appeared to have changed her tune on the value and social costs of desalination plants as an alternative source of fresh water.

“Premier Bligh told Parliament this week that the alternative to the Traveston Dam would be at least two more desalination plants, each as ‘large or larger than the current Tugun plant’,” said Mrs Stuckey.

“This is the same person who sang the praises of desalination when she was trying to foist a plant on the people of Tugun.

“The process was poorly planned and has caused enormous disruption to the lives and amenity of the people of Tugun and the desalination plant is yet to produce any meaningful quantities of usable water.”

Mrs Stuckey said Premier Bligh told Parliament that if desalination plants were needed as an alternative to the Traveston Dam, it would mean ‘a significantly higher economic, environmental and social cost’.

“The people of Tugun tried to tell Anna Bligh and the Labor Government the same thing when it forced a desalination plant on them,” she said.

“Labor wouldn’t listen to them and now they are stuck with a plant which has not only failed to provide any tangible benefit, it is an eyesore which has caused enormous environmental damage to homes and public amenities and is a blight on the community of Tugun.”

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