Bligh Government’s billion dollar blunder

21 Jun 2010 2:43 PMJann Stuckey

20 June 2010

Almost a billion taxpayer dollars have been wasted by the Bligh Labor Government on a payroll system that has left thousands of Queensland Health workers underpaid.

LNP Information and Communications Technology spokeswoman Jann Stuckey slammed the Bligh Labor Government for squandering almost a billion dollars from government departments since 2003-04.

“Despite CorpTech collecting nearly a billion dollars from 51 different departments and agencies, the goal to create a whole-of-government payroll and HR system has become a never-ending nightmare.

“This blunder has outlived many of the departments that were signed up for the Shared Services Initiative, yet we are still waiting for this project to be completed.

“It was CorpTech’s inability to deliver this whole-of-government program that forced Queensland Health to abandon this initiative and rush through a new system that is expected to take up to two years to fix.

“While Robert Schwarten was happy to boast in Parliament that his department was able to complete a five-year process in half that time, the resulting shambles speaks for itself.

“This department’s blunders cost Queensland nearly a billion dollars and have left thousands of public servants working for Queensland Health, Queensland Police, Q Build and Queensland Treasury waiting for the right pay.

“The only decent thing for Minister Schwarten to do now is resign.”

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