Bligh Government Short-Changing Coolangatta Police

16 Dec 2011 3:09 PMJann Stuckey

16 December 2011

Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey has slammed the Bligh Labor Government for its failure to provide proper staffing levels for the Coolangatta Police Station.

“An answer to a question on notice* I recently asked in Parliament revealed an entrenched culture of understaffing at the Coolangatta Police station in my electorate,” Ms Stuckey said.

“In his response, the Police Minister admitted that Coolangatta has an approved (budgeted) strength of 34 police, however as at 1 November 2011, there were only 31 officers staffing the station.  

“These vacancies are expected to be filled by “lateral transfers” of existing police officers, with one position still yet to be advertised.

“Labor is simply shuffling our police officers around like chess pieces, rather than investing in more police for our region.

“It is disgraceful treatment of our frontline workers who put their lives on the line every day to keep our homes and streets safe. 

“Coolangatta is the major tourist hub on the southern Gold Coast, home to an airport that sees over 5 million passengers through its doors each year.

“The current police levels do not reflect this huge influx of tourists, not to mention the streams of revellers who venture across the border into Coolangatta on Friday and Saturday nights.

“Police in this electorate are always being ‘borrowed’ or used for major events elsewhere on the Gold Coast – leaving our area understaffed and at potential risk. 

“Here we are days out from Christmas, the peak holiday season, and we don’t have enough police.

“This soft-on-crime Bligh Government continues to ignore our pleas for more police. It is time for a change of Government.


*Link to QON No. 1950: 1950-2011 – Coolangatta Police numbers