Bligh government stalls on adoption scandal info

30 Oct 2008 10:05 AMJann Stuckey

Bligh government stalls on adoption scandal info
The Bligh government will not be rushing to provide information sought under FOI on overseas adoptions from India or Ethiopia, citing they were too busy, the State Opposition said today.

LNP child safety spokeswoman Jann Stuckey said despite all the concerns of dodgy dealings in adoptions from India and concerns about Ethiopia, the Bligh government was giving her FOI application the “go-slow”

Mrs Stuckey said she’d received a letter from the Child Safety
Department* admitting its own deadlines for responding had not been met and warning that any appeal would lead to further delays in providing information.

“So much for Premier’s promise of open and accountable government …this as an attempt to discourage me from appealing and saying an appeal will result in slowing the flow of information on this matter,”
Mrs Stuckey said.

“The very serious allegations of child trafficking must not be swept under the carpet by this government which is deliberately stalling to avoid releasing any potentially damning evidence of negligence.

“Stemming the flow of information is scandalous and flies in the face of the Premier’s promise of open government.

“We know for a fact that in 2000 the Government processed an adoption from India where the child is alleged to have been stolen from the family in India and there’s been suspect activity with adoptions out of Ethiopia.”

“What the government is effectively saying is it will not be able to process the application except at the direction of the FOI commissioner, who has no time limits. This attitude suggests a level of secrecy is at play”

30 October 2008

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