Bligh’s Smart State can’t create a single payroll

20 Oct 2009 4:37 PMJann Stuckey

20 October 2009

AFTER five years and $180 million the Bligh Labor government has failed to create a single, uniform payroll system for Queensland Government.

Shadow Minister for Public Works and Information and Communication Technology Jann Stuckey MP said that after wasting $180 million of taxpayers’ monies over five years, the Bligh Government’s solution was to continue to have separate payroll systems for individual departments.

“Far from being the Smart State, Bligh and Labor have spent five fruitless years attempting to implement a whole-of-government HR system,” said Ms Stuckey.

“It’s no surprise that Corptech – the agency responsible for the delivery of this project – was taken out of the hands of Andrew Fraser after the last election, a treasurer whose hallmark is reckless spending without any kind of achievement, a treasurer who has driven Queensland deeper into the red than any other in Queensland’s history.

“Bligh and Labor blame the global economic crisis for the direction they are pursuing, but the bottom line is that between August 2004 and February 2009, this government has wasted $180 million on a program that has simply failed to deliver what was asked of it.

“To make matters worse, Bligh and Labor have locked government into multi-year, untendered contracts with foreign companies, selling out Queensland businesses with the skills to provide home-grown, innovative IT solutions.

“Imagine the opportunities that could have been created by spending that $180 million in Queensland’s own IT industry rather than looking overseas to international vendors?”

Ms Stuckey said that the failed uniform payroll project was another example of the tired Bligh Labor government converting Queensland from the Smart State to the Sell-Off State.

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