Boost for Police to Catch Cross-Border Criminals

11 Sep 2008 12:17 PMJann Stuckey

11 September 2008

Legislation passed in the Queensland Parliament this week allows the Queensland Police Service to participate in national information sharing initiatives that will make tracking of criminals across borders easier for police.

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey who supported this bill said “Allowing the national exchange of policing information via advanced computer systems QPRIME and CrimTrac is long overdue and amounts to common sense”.

“Police on both sides of the New South Wales – Queensland border have suffered enormous frustrations for many years and from what I hear will be very pleased with the increased intelligence gathering network that will assist them to prevent, track and solve crime.”

“To date there has not been a functional sharing of information between the Police Services in both States.  Computer systems vary between the states which has limited the sharing of police intelligence with regard to certain individuals.” 

“For too long criminals have criss-crossed the border leaving damaged property and severely injured people in their wake with hamstrung police unable to share vital intelligence to secure arrests and convictions.”

“All that changes with this new legislation which will give police on both sides of the border a potent weapon to tackle crime.” 

“A large percentage of the more than 3,000 residents who completed a recent local issues survey in Currumbin indicated they wanted tougher sentences for criminals. 

“Since late last year I have been calling for more powers for our police to prevent attacks on innocent people such as the vicious assault by a group of youths on a police officer and his girlfriend at Coolangatta in mid November.”

“Intensive education and awareness campaigns together with sentences that fit the crime are urgently required.   A culture of fear of reprisals is creeping through our suburbs.” 

“More and more parents are coming to see me distraught over senseless assaults on their children, feeling powerless to act and apprehensive about going public because they are frightened of retribution.”

“As I have said this legislation is a positive move but does not satisfy the need for more police resources or tougher sentences for criminals as is the desire of a significant number of residents in the Currumbin electorate.”


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