BSA overlooks the obvious during checks

28 Oct 2010 11:43 AMJann Stuckey

28 October 2010

Robert Schwarten’s boast about BSA investigators visiting building sites, exposed holes in a system that allowed illegal practices to continue.

LNP Public Works spokeswoman Jann Stuckey said the Minister had made no mention of any investigation into the disturbing practice of ‘renting out’ building qualifications.
“The Minister claimed inspectors have been busy visiting building sites and viewing building licences, but the BSA has missed a prime opportunity to identify people fraudulently using borrowed or rented licences,” Ms Stuckey said.
“This is a worrying activity that can leave otherwise unsuspecting homeowners in the lurch after unqualified work is done on their house.
“Despite conducting around 2,000 licence checks, the Minister has provided no information on what, if any checking was done by the BSA into the practice of renting or loaning.”
Ms Stuckey said the Minister’s boast that a total of $88,000 in fines was issued in 2009/10 did nothing to dispel BSA’s toothless tiger image.
“In the same period, a record $42 million in payouts were made to protect homeowners affected by shoddy or incomplete home building work,” she said.
“That’s a 50 per cent increase on the previous year.
“These fines don’t seem to be having any impact in decreasing the occurrence of defective or incomplete home building work. 
“Although dishonest builders are few in number, the BSA needs to take a more proactive role in consumer protection.”
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