22 Jun 2016 4:52 PMJann Stuckey

In the past 12 months costs of fare evasion have hit an all-time high of almost $25.8 million, and taxpayers are being forced to foot the bill.

Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey asked the Transport Minister a Question on Notice in May, to supply the number of fare evasions that had occurred in the last year, and the results were shocking.

Figures revealed from April 2015 – April 2016 on Gold Coast buses that almost 500,000 fares were evaded, with only 291 of those resulting in infringements are very concerning.

Ms Stuckey says it’s not fair on taxpayers to be slugged with additional costs because some people deliberately decide to cheat the system.

“Fare evasion continues to increase at an alarming rate, the figures are there in black and white, and the State Government needs to step up and find a solution, says Ms Stuckey.

“Queenslanders are bearing the brunt of this problem, while the Palaszczuk Government sit on their hands ignoring the problem.

Ms Stuckey says “with only nine Gold Coast dedicated transport officers responsible for buses, trams and trains these fare cheats are getting away with not having to pay.

The Currumbin MP has criticised the Palaszczuk Government for not acting on the problem before it got out of hand.

“Only three months after the fare evasion buttons were installed there was a noticeable problem, but this frozen at the wheel Labor Government has let this behaviour go on and now levels of fare evasion are totally unacceptable, says Ms Stuckey.

“Queensland lags behind other states when it comes to managing fare evasion. Why hasn’t there been a dedicated awareness campaign or similar?

“If people think the cost of public transport is too high and should be lowered then everyone needs to pay their way.”

22nd June 2016