Business Commissioner rudderless under Bligh

10 Feb 2012 11:38 AMJann Stuckey

10 February 2012

STATE Labor’s initiative to cut government red tape has been left rudderless by the Premier and the Treasurer with the Queensland Business Commissioner identifying just two issues of concern  – ironically both spearheaded by the LNP.
LNP Shadow Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business Jann Stuckey said the issues – home sale contract forms and the mandatory code of practice in the local clothing industry – were issues taken up by the LNP but attacked by Labor.
“Leaving aside the questionable work rate of the Business Commissioner, all he’s done in three months is grab a couple of issues the LNP has been fighting the Bligh government on for at least 18 months,” said Ms Stuckey.
“Clearly Business Commissioner Blair Davies has been given no direction from the Premier or the Treasurer so he’s picked up the most glaring issues the LNP has been fighting.”
Ms Stuckey said factional union supporters of the Premier and Member for Brisbane Central Grace Grace had run a grubby smear campaign against local clothing manufacturers and contractors which had the detrimental effect of pushing local jobs offshore to Asia.
“Labor’s stupid regulations and red tape have cost Queensland jobs. They attacked me personally for taking up the fight for local businesses and workers and now their Business Commissioner says it’s an issue along with home sale forms in the real estate industry.”
Ms Stuckey said the Chamber of Commerce and Industry had every right to question the motives of Labor’s Deputy-Leader and Treasurer Andrew Fraser for focussing on civil unions in parliament, but doing nothing to cut red tape which was clearly costing jobs.
“Red tape is a $7 billion annual drain on business in Queensland – but Labor’s appointment of the Queensland Business Commissioner was pure tokenism. After three months, not a thing has been achieved, nothing. All the Commissioner has done is pick up on two glaring issues and hold a small number of meetings.
“Unlike lazy, long-term Labor, the LNP had been constantly fighting for Queensland businesses and listening to their concerns.
“The LNP has already committed to repealing Labor’s waste tax, and simplifying Labor’s nonsensical mandatory code of practice for out-workers because it’s dumb policy that’s destroying local jobs by sending clothing wholesalers and retailers offshore.
“While Labor’s only idea is to offer a single bureaucrat, the LNP will slash red tape through a whole-of-government strategy to help get business back on track and kick-start job creation.
“It’s time for change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.”