Cairns businesses go to the wall under Labor

18 May 2011 1:04 PMJann Stuckey

18 May 2011

LABOR’S grand plan to boost the Cairns economy and rescue the struggling business sector had gone nowhere, the LNP said today.

LNP Shadow Small Business Minister Jann Stuckey said Labor’s Cairns Economic Future Plan was a failure.

“Labor’s so-called plan for Cairns is nothing more than spin,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Labor needs to show if this plan has had any affect. Where are the achievements, where are the benchmarks? We know the Cairns small business sector is still in a bad way and Labor’s Economic Future Plan does not seem to have achieved a thing.

“This Government has no plan for small business except to choke them with layers of red tape and regulation.

“Small businesses across the State are doing it tough with higher costs of living also affecting business, but the situation in Cairns is dire,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Against the massive downturn in tourism and building investment, small businesses in Cairns are struggling to meet soaring power bills, increased fees and charges and Labor’s over-regulation and huge compliance costs.”

Ms Stuckey said small businesses right across Queensland were crying out for assistance and especially in Cairns.

“Under this long-term Labor Government, small business doesn’t count.

“It’s time Labor stood up to Canberra on the carbon tax to end the massive uncertainty that’s hurting business confidence.”

Ms Stuckey said the LNP was the party for small business.

“We understand what makes them tick, and we are committed to cutting red tape to free small business from the unnecessary burdens this Labor Government has imposed on them.

“Unlike Labor, the LNP is actively listening and taking on board their concerns.

“Small businesses in Cairns need positive action now from the State Labor government, not more lip-service and media stunts.

“I’ll be doing everything in my power to keep pressure on Small Business Minister Jarratt to act now to help small businesses in Cairns.

“The Campbell Newman LNP team will work for Queensland, not for ourselves.”