Calls for greyhound review to be made public

24 Apr 2015 3:07 PMJann Stuckey Calls for greyhound review to be made public

Shadow Minister for Racing Jann Stuckey has called on the government to publicly release the initial review into the greyhound racing industry.

Minister for Sport and Racing Bill Byrne announced the review on March 2, after allegations were aired on the ABC Four Corners program.

“In the best interests of the general public and people who work in the greyhound racing industry, the Minister should be better informing people with regards to the investigations into the sickening practice of live baiting,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Other states, like Victoria, have been very proactive in advising industry stakeholders and the general public in a timely manner and I am calling on the Queensland government to do the same.

“All submissions to the inquiry have now been received and there is no reason Minister Byrne can’t provide an update to the public.

“The Minister has increased the powers of this investigation from a review to a Commission of Inquiry, but nobody knows what prompted him to do so other than ‘serious allegations had been made.”

“From day one the allegations were serious and public outrage widespread.

“The interim report of the commission was presented to Minister Byrne a fortnight ago and all we have heard since is the Commissioner is due to deliver his final report on or before June 1.”

Ms Stuckey said she believed this lack of transparency and openness had left the industry in limbo.

“The LNP is fully supportive of measures to put an end to the despicable practices that have been uncovered in recent months, but greyhound racing participants doing the right thing need to be able to get on with their livelihoods.

“Only by releasing the findings of the initial review can the public be reassured the industry will be overhauled in a satisfactory manner with co-ordinated reforms that will have broad acceptance.”

[ENDS] 24 April 2015