Carbon tax pain worst for Qld tourism, manufacturing and small business

12 Jul 2011 9:59 AMJann Stuckey

12 July 2011

QUEENSLAND tourism, manufacturing and small business will bear the brunt of Labor’s carbon tax.

LNP Shadow Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business Jann Stuckey said the competitiveness of Queensland’s already struggling tourism would be hit for six.

“Labor’s killed any benefit from the Holiday at Home campaign,” Ms Stuckey said.

“International airfares will be exempt from Labor’s carbon tax, but not domestic fares, so Labor’s carbon tax is now a direct tax on Queensland’s tourist industry.

“Higher domestic airfares, hotel rates and attraction on top of our high dollar will spell the end for more Queensland tourist operators.  
“Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) head Daniel Gschwind is dead right. Inbound international tourism is going to be hit for six because Queensland products and services are going to become more expensive and international flights and holidays cheaper relative to domestic flights and holiday packages.”

Ms Stuckey said Labor’s Minister for Tourism Jan Jarratt had gone into hiding after telling the Queensland tourism industry to ‘wait and see’.

“Instead of kowtowing to her Labor mates, Jan Jarratt should be championing the case for Queensland tourism and small business. Jan Jarratt should be standing up for the jobs and industries she is supposed to represent.”

Ms Stuckey said local manufacturing was also in deep trouble from Labor’s carbon tax.

“In my own area, boat builders are reeling from low-cost and low quality imports and now Labor’s new tax and crisis talks to save local businesses and jobs were held yesterday.”

Ms Stuckey said Queensland small business and construction would also feel more pain.

“Labor’s carbon tax is just going to push up their costs and make them less competitive and far less likely to hire staff.

“The CanDo LNP team opposes the carbon tax. We will stand up against Canberra, and fight for Queensland jobs and businesses.”