17 Aug 2009 3:21 PMJann Stuckey

17 August 2009

Changes will be made to traffic lights at the Stewart Rd intersection near the Pacific Motorway at Currumbin after a series of accidents and near-misses.

Ms Jann Stuckey MP, Member for Currumbin, has lobbied for  changes after being almost involved in an accident at the intersection when a four-wheel drive vehicle drove through a red light and failed to give way.

Two sets of traffic lights in close proximity had been causing confusion amongst motorists heading north from Tugun, who often only observe the second set, completely missing the first set which has resulted in a number of incidents.

The Department of Main Roads will modify the traffic signal phasing so that the western set of signals on the overpass will not turn green until southbound traffic existing the off-ramp and turning right into Currumbin Valley has started flowing.

Since Ms Stuckey sought the changes, a number of motorists have  contacted her office to confirm that they had also been involved in near-misses at the intersection.

The department says the delay will be quite short so it should not impede traffic flow from the off-ramp.  The change should make the traffic signal phasing more obvious to westbound traffic from Tugun.

Reprogramming will be undertaken as a matter of priority.

Ms Stuckey said she was relieved the department was making changes as it was only a matter of time until there was a serious or fatal accident.