Clock ticking on racing submissions

21 Jan 2016 1:46 PMJann Stuckey

With only seven days left to lodge submissions to the state parliamentary committee responsible for reporting on the Racing Integrity Bill the LNP are urging people to have their say.

Shadow Minister for Racing Jann Stuckey said LNP’s broad consultation with industry across Queensland had revealed widespread anger and frustration at Labor’s refusal to listen to their concerns.

“Industry advocates claim Labor seem to be returning to the failed ‘Bentley model’ of the past and the clock is ticking for concerned stakeholders to have their say,” Ms Stuckey said.

“The consequences of the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s ‘wrecking ball’ approach to Queensland racing is already evident with industry confidence at an all-time low and talk of many moving interstate.

“Instead of including industry in the planning of its future, two successive Labor ministers have adopted a confrontational and aggressive approach, testing the patience of an industry interested in growing jobs and investing in Queensland.

“Without a doubt, jobs will be lost under Labor’s reckless routing of the industry – jobs that will affect not only small country towns but larger centres too.

“Time is running out to voice your concerns as submissions must be lodged before 27 January.

“In case the Labor Government will not allow submissions to be made public, make sure to send your submissions to your local Member of Parliament and stress they be noted.”

The Committee must report back to the Parliament by 1 March 2016 and it is expected the Racing Integrity Bill will be debated in March in the Queensland Parliament.

“In the meantime the LNP will continue to take the fight up to Labor to save our racing industry from an unfair and crippling future.”

Submissions can be emailed to the Research Director at or you can contact your local state member of the Queensland Parliament and inform them of your views.

You may also wish to visit the Queensland Parliament Committee website of the Agriculture and Environment Committee to view the timelines for this Integrity Bill.  There is the opportunity to present in person at a public hearing on Wednesday 17 February and people are asked to indicate in their submissions if they seek to do so.

[ENDS] 20 January 2016