Costs double as new Health payroll falters

22 Dec 2009 3:34 PMJann Stuckey

22 December 2009

MILLIONS of dollars overpaid to Queensland Health employees could have been avoided if a proposed HR system had been delivered on time.

Shadow Minister for Public Works and Information and Communication Technology Jann Stuckey said QH pay debacle was yet another example of the Bligh Labor government’s inability to deliver projects on-time and on-budget.

“This Labor government has been unsuccessfully attempting to introduce a whole-of-government HR system since 2002,” said Ms Stuckey.

“Despite signing a contract with IBM in 2008 with the expectation of replacing these systems by the end of that calendar year, nothing happened.

“The next missed deadline was the end of 2009, following by a pilot program in March 2010 and the latest excuse is ‘mid 2010’.”

Ms Stuckey said the Bligh Labor government was big on promises it was incapable of delivering.

“On September 17 Minister Schwarten told Parliament that the proposed roll-out in Queensland Health would cost $20 million,” she said.

“He made it very clear then ‘that there is no extra money’.”

“Now Queensland Health has admitted that it will ditch the existing system and spend $40 million to replace it, double what Minister Schwarten claimed it would cost.

“This is yet another bungle in a long-running, costly exercise that just lurches from crisis to crisis.”

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