Council concern over Cobaki too late

22 Mar 2011 11:21 AMJann Stuckey

22 March 2011

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP, was surprised by the recent comments from Gold Coast councillors about traffic concerns from the Cobaki Lakes development in New South Wales.  

“I find it rather puzzling that all of a sudden GCCC are concerned about traffic volumes coming onto Boyd Street, Tugun from the proposed Cobaki Development. 

“Councillors have known about this very large development for almost 20 years yet have kept relatively silent until recently.

“After all it was GCCC that approved the access to Cobaki down Boyd Street in their deed with the developers in 1993, with conditions for the developer to widen the road and construct a signalised intersection at Coolangatta Road.

“Now that construction of the first residences is imminent, councillors are running around crying foul when it was their own council which allowed this to occur. 

“In May last year I held a stakeholder meeting to gain support to prioritise construction of an interchange near the Boyd Street entrance.

“Tweed Council officers informed me that traffic modelling was underway to see if results indicated the need for an interchange. This report has not yet materialised and I am told it has been held up by the GCCC.

“I am actively pushing for the results of this report to be finalised – why aren’t the Gold Coast councillors demanding action on this important traffic study?

“Instead we are seeing little more than hot air that will provide no benefit to the good people of Tugun.

“With all this activity anyone would think there is a council election coming up.”