Counter Terrorism Laws Increase Police Powers

6 Sep 2017 1:49 PMJann Stuckey


New Counter Terrorism Laws Increase Police Powers


In Parliament this week member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey supported new counter-terrorism laws that would give police more powers to respond rapidly and effectively to terrorist acts, and other person made critical incidents which pose a serious risk to life.


“The safety of our community and the threat of terrorism tears at the heart of our democracy and law abiding culture,” said Ms Stuckey.


Rarely does a week go by without news somewhere in the world of another horrific, senseless terrorist attack on innocent civilians.


“We have become used to seeing these gruesome acts on our television screens, computers and mobiles on a regular basis but we have not become insensitive or indifferent to these evil acts driven by a twisted and abhorrent hatred of others.


“Revelations in July that there were more than 100 but fewer than 150 people in South-East Queensland being monitored on our counter-terrorism suspect list is a stark reminder that the ugly face of terrorism is well and truly amongst us.


“It is a sign of the times in our modern world and one we should do our utmost to repel.


“We must all be more vigilant in reporting suspicious activities and be alert when out and about.


“The LNP recognises the need to strengthen and toughen our counter terror laws and while we supported the government’s new laws we don’t believe they go far enough.


“Our plan is to prevent an attack by increasing the maximum time allowed under a preventative detention order from 14 days to 28 days and exhibit greater leadership by appointing a dedicated minister for counterterrorism.


“These initiatives will improve public and police officer safety and give police more tools to stop an attack on innocent bystanders.


ENDS 06/09/2017

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