Currumbin Bar Neglected Again by State Government

7 Sep 2011 4:18 PMJann Stuckey

29 August 2011

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey MP has slammed the Bligh Labor Government for its failure to address long-standing issues with the management of the Currumbin bar.

“With the annual dredging campaign in Currumbin Creek approaching, a much hyped State Government report to investigate risk-mitigation options in the dangerous bar has gone largely unnoticed,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Annual dredging is carried out by Council in their limited capacity for flood mitigation and water quality purposes, as the State Government refuses to accept any responsibility for the channel.

“Until a proper research and development program is undertaken this will continue to only be a temporary fix.

“The community has been crying out for years for the State Government to step up to the plate and provide proper funding to address the worsening situation.

“An investigation into the tragic death of a surfer in May was announced, however the Maritime Queensland Report was quietly released in June without the usual Labor spin and fanfare.

“Its no surprise – reading the report it seems the Government has no intention of undertaking any further investigation, stating an inability to manage sand for navigation without adversely affecting surfing.

“Furthermore, the report states, ‘…the value of boating activity is relatively small and unlikely to warrant the substantial level of investment that would probably be required.’

“Over 6,400 boats cross the bar on average each year. That is a significant amount.

“The State Government’s stubborn position that Currumbin bar is not a navigable channel is a cop-out given this level of boating activity, enough to require a Volunteer Marine Rescue operation and a very busy one at that. 

“If anything, the dangers presented by the mixed use of this estuary should be more than enough justification to support further investigations.

“Sadly, this report appears to provide nothing more than an opportunity for this lazy Labor Government to wash its hands of this issue once again.

“This short-sighted Bligh Government has neglected the bigger picture. The Gold Coast needs a sand management program along our foreshore, from the border through to the Broadwater.

“I call on the Minister to notify the community of the outcome of this report and whether any or all of the recommendations to leave the situation as it is are to be adopted.