Currumbin Community Mourns Loss of Surfing Dad

9 May 2011 3:13 PMJann Stuckey

9 May 2011

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP, expressed her sincere condolences to the family of surfer Richard King, who was tragically killed in an accident at Currumbin Bar on Sunday.    

“Everyone in the Currumbin community is no doubt as shocked and saddened by the death of Mr King as I am,” Ms Stuckey said. 

“I wish to extend my deepest condolences to his family, including his two children.

“Last Sunday’s incident was tragic and should serve as a harsh warning to estuary users that personal safety and awareness are paramount when entering this dangerous waterway.

“The Currumbin Creek Bar has become increasingly popular with surfers, swimmers, paddle board riders, surf skis, boats and jet ski riders in recent years.

“But with its popularity has come a myriad of overcrowding problems and safety issues arising from the mix of powered and non-powered craft.

“Sand build up in the bar has worsened since the Tweed sand bypass commenced a decade ago pumping over 10 million cubic metres of sand.

“I have voiced my concerns about the state of the bar many times over the years and called for dredging of a dedicated boat channel, however little has been done and the situation has deteriorated significantly.

“Calls for a university led research and development program to determine ways of managing the changing conditions have also fallen on deaf ears.
“Surely the State Government must now listen to the pleas of countless residents and the Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) and pull its head out of the sand to address these pressing issues.

“This tragedy was a disaster waiting to happen. Now more than ever, we must do all we can to avoid another death or injury in the future.