Currumbin residents fined for poor station parking

21 Mar 2011 12:40 PMJann Stuckey

21 March 2011

Jann Stuckey MP, Member for Currumbin, has written to the Minister for Transport to ask her government to urgently review the parking situation at Varsity Lakes Train Station after several residents were fined for parking on vacant lots.

“My office has received an influx of calls from Currumbin residents who have received parking fines from Gold Coast City Council for parking illegally at the under-resourced train station” Ms Stuckey said.

“The State Government took 11 years and spent $324 million to extend the rail line 4.1km to Varsity Lakes – yet the $25 million station only has 200 car parks.

“Commuters who are doing the right thing by catching public transport are forced to park illegally due to irresponsible and inadequate planning by the State Government.  

“The extension of the rail line to Varsity has been plagued with transport problems since its long-awaited opening in December 2009.

“Many would recall the mess that was made of the bus transfers failing to connect with Airport trains and other City Train services, with residents complaining of hour-long wait times.

“This Government wants more people to get on public transport and off the M1 for the commute to Brisbane.

“How are they supposed to do that when they are facing a $120 fine each time they park at the train station?

“On any given day I am told about 50 people cannot find a park at the Varsity Station.

“Many are students or pensioners who simply cannot afford this impost which is an unfortunate consequence of the incompetent Bligh Labor Government.

“I have called on the Minister to urgently investigate options for additional parking at the Varsity Station.