Currumbin Sanctuary petition calls for separation from the National Trust

30 Apr 2008 2:56 PMJann Stuckey

Wednesday 30 April 2008

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP, today tabled a petition in State Parliament containing 2770 signatures calling for the separation of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (CWS) from the National Trust Queensland (NTQ).

“The CWS including its Coolamon properties were given to the people of Queensland by the late Alex Griffith in 1976 as a deed of gift to be managed by the NTQ,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Over recent years, locals have become concerned about the future of the Sanctuary and NTQ’s management of its assets.

“Significantly, thousands of signatures collected on the petition were from local residents which demonstrates the passion within our community to protect this unique local icon.  

“The petition calls for the Sanctuary to be operated and effectively managed as a Statutory Body who will hold title to the land and Company limited by guarantee who will undertake management of the sanctuary.

“In addition the petition calls for all property purchased with monies produced and profits made by the CWS remain the property of CWS and no money or assets of CWS be paid to NTQ as consideration for, or as compensation for the separation.

“Recently formed Sanctuary Friends group who organised the petition, are also seeking information under FOI (Freedom of Information) from NTQ regarding their previous discussions about future plans for the CWS.

“To date this has been a protracted process which has been further inhibited by a lack of intervention by the Minister who has chosen to leave it up to both parties to work it out themselves,” she said.

Sanctuary Friends spokesperson Rob Allen said that this petition supports the motion which was passed at last months public meeting held in Tugun, attended by over 100 local residents.

Mr Allen said, “The motion called for action from the Minister for Sustainability, Climate Change and Innovation, Andrew McNamara to help separate CWS from the NT.

“Sanctuary Friends has developed a communication process with new CWS CEO Jonathan Fisher and will in good faith look to better understand any options presented to them, while committing to support its position of a separation from the NTQ in the best interest of the CWS.

Ms Stuckey added, “After many years of what has been described as a troubled and unhappy marriage it seems little has changed despite enormous public outcry.

“Requests from residents for representation on the advisory committee appear to have been ignored as does having a say on who should sit on it.

“It is to be hoped this petition will receive the attention it deserves and the CWS will be allowed to prosper in the manner Alex wished,” she said.