Dangerous Currumbin Bar Needs Urgent Attention

9 Apr 2010 10:35 AMJann Stuckey

9th April 2010

Jann Stuckey, MP, Member for Currumbin today called on the Bligh Government to end its campaign of neglect towards the badly silted Currumbin Bar.

“Reports from the Currumbin Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) have revealed that the sand build up in the bar is the worst it has ever been, with the VMR boat itself unable to cross at low tide,” Ms Stuckey said.

A call-out in March saw the VMR boat caught on the bar after returning from a distress call.  The VMR boat had to be pushed off the sand by the general public before being taken to Tweed and towed back to Currumbin.

“It is a real worry that boaties who rely on the service of the VMR if they encounter distress, are placed at greater risk considering the dangerous state of the bar.

“This Bligh Government has failed miserably in their duty of care.  It is their responsibility to monitor and maintain the safety of the bar, and they have neglected it entirely.

“I urge this Government to pull its head out of the sand and act immediately before a tragedy occurs.

“The successful dredging campaign that took place in August 2009 has fallen short of the expected timeframe, and this process is urgently needed again.

Currumbin VMR monitors approximately 5,000 vessels through the bar every month during peak seasons.

“Significant use of this Estuary as a navigable waterway is undeniable, yet the State Government chooses to ignore the facts while the bar becomes more dangerous every day.

“It is clear that this Bligh Government does not place importance on marine safety, nor do they value the hard-working volunteers who put their lives at risk to save others in need.


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