Desal Plant Handover Done Under Cover of Darkness

1 Oct 2010 12:34 PMJann Stuckey

1 October 2010

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP, says the official handover of the Tugun Desalination plant to the State Government will do little to restore the confidence of local residents.

“Under the cover of darkness the Bligh Government has very quietly announced the practical completion and official handover of the desal plant,” Ms Stuckey said.

“The Minister’s media statement lacks enthusiasm and proves what an embarrassment this plant has been for the Government.

“After almost two years of delays, the people of Tugun are sceptical that announcing an official handover will be the end of all the problems.

“Premier Bligh could be seen in her hard hat every other week during construction, but has not been within cooee of the site since her farcical ‘Open Day’ in November 2008.

“Several thousand people flocked to the site amid fanfare and celebrations thinking they were witnessing the commissioning of the plant.

“Little did they know this project was to have more episodes than ‘Days of Our Lives’.

“Defect after defect and fault after fault caused nightmares for local residents who have had to put up with the noise, dust and dirt, not to mention the large-scale damage to their homes and streets.

“Given the litany of problems that have already occurred in the last two years, it is hoped the plant will be able to function effectively to ensure future water supplies.

“There still remains a degree of uncertainty as to the longevity of the equipment, considering parts with supposed guarantees of 50 and 100 years have already needed replacing. 

“Tugun residents have good reason to be sceptical of the plant’s success. Like the rest of us, they will believe it when they see it. 

“The Government owes the people of this area an apology – a community barbeque wouldn’t go astray to say thankyou for the massive disruption to their lives.