Exit 93 Campaign Forces Labor to Re-think

25 May 2016 10:45 AMJann Stuckey

After a vigorous campaign and two petitions against the Labor Government’s plans to close Exit 93, the Minister for Main Roads has been forced to investigate options to leave southbound Exit 93 open.

Following a number of enquiries on the proposed closure, Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey launched a campaign so residents could have their say about Labor’s planned closure of this exit as outlined in the 2007-2008 upgrade plan.

“The plan to remove Exit 93 leading into Guineas Creek Road would have a huge detrimental impact on the community,” said Ms Stuckey

“That’s why, together with local resident Alan G. Hider, I supported a petition calling upon the Government to re-think and re-plan this section of the M1 and keep Exit 93 open and some 2,500 people responded.

“Despite claims from the Labor minister that the Government had not approved any closure of the southbound exit, the plans from 2007-08 still existed on the department’s website and were a cause for concern from residents, schools and businesses alike.

“The minister’s response to this petition confirms that further planning is underway and he has advised his department to investigate options to leave the exit open.

“This is a great win for our community and I’m proud to say that together we have achieved a great outcome.

“I am very passionate about fighting for what my community needs and exposing ‘sleeper issues’ where planning decisions are up to a decade old.

“This issue needed to be addressed; the response showed locals had an intense desire for Exit 93 to stay open. Fortunately the Minister has responded in a positive manner thanks to the E-Petition”

“Exit 93 provides access to vital services such as schools and shopping centres so it is important that it remains in place for the thousands who use it every day, said Ms Stuckey.

“Palm Beach Avenue is already congested and a proposal to bring light rail down the Gold Costs Highway would create chaos and gridlock through our quiet suburbs should Exit 93 close.”

[ENDS] 24/05/16