Factional overlords escape Ministerial Responsibility

1 Jul 2010 11:34 AMJann Stuckey

1 July 2010

Anna Bligh’s fear of factional overlords has stopped her from sacking the Minister responsible for spending almost a billion dollars on the failed CorpTech driven Shared Services Initiative, the LNP said today.

Information and Communications Technology spokeswoman Jann Stuckey called on the Premier to stand up to factional bully-boys and sack the Minister who championed the now abandoned CorpTech Shared Services Initiative.

“In March this year, Robert Schwarten boasted ‘substantial progress’ had been made by the Shared Services Initiative. 

“Barely three months later, the Premier has acknowledged what a true failure it has been, but the responsible Minister is nowhere to be found.

“Despite countless warnings and years of delays, this Minister has constantly insisted that everything was on track.

“During the 2009 Estimates Hearings, when the Minister was asked how much his bungling had cost Queensland taxpayers, Robert Schwarten stated ‘we were given the project and we were given a budget and that budget will stand.  There is no more money.’

“Clearly this was not explained to CorpTech, with the Auditor-General’s investigation into the health payroll debacle showing the total program implementation costs were $64.5m, $44.5 million over budget, with a further $37.5m paid to IBM.

“Is Robert Schwarten still ‘extremely proud of the outcome of the combined Queensland Health, IBM and DPW project team in delivering such a good outcome in such a complicated environment’?

“The only outcome Robert Schwarten can be proud of is his ability to keep his job despite presiding over this unmitigated disaster. 

“If this Premier was a true leader, instead of being in the thrall of shadowy union heavies, she would have scrapped this Minister along with her scrapping of CorpTech.” 

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