Fare evasion triples

16 Nov 2018 3:38 PMJann Stuckey

Fare evasion triples under Labor

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey has once again slammed the Palaszczuk Government for doing nothing to stop high fare evasion as new figures show Surfside bus drivers have pushed the fare evade button a whopping 1.67 million times.

‘The Palaszczuk Government’s inaction on this serious issue has seen fare evasion triple in the past three years, costing taxpayers millions in lost revenue,” said Ms Stuckey.

“In 2015-16 the fare evade button was pushed by bus drivers 425,324 times, in 2016-17 it passed one million with 1,024,261 reports, and for 2017-18 it hit 1.67 million – that’s a tripling in fare evasion offences.

“You’d think that would make this lazy Labor Government take some notice but they have done nothing as the figures have risen rapidly each year.

“Why aren’t there more network officers policing public transport?

“Why isn’t there an education campaign?

“Why aren’t repeat offenders getting caught?

“Indeed, why should any of us pay?

“This is an absolute disgrace and Minister Bailey has shown once again that he is an incompetent minister who has sat on his hands while fare evasion escalates.

“You cannot believe a word he says. If these figures equate to no tolerance then he is playing taxpayers for mugs.”

[ENDS] 16/11/2018

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