15 Jul 2008 2:03 PMJann Stuckey

15 July 2008

Fix Currumbin Creek Committee has celebrated its fifth anniversary but still has a major battle on its hands.

Committee chairperson Brad Smith said while the group had some wins and losses during the past five years, its biggest campaign is to prevent the Currumbin Bar from completely sanding over.

“The bar at present is the worse we have seen”, he said.

His comments were backed up by Mr Peter Saunders of the Currumbin Volunteer Marine Rescue who has sent his volunteers to do night training  with Point Danger VMR at the Tweed in case they are called out to sea at night.  He said the Currumbin VMR’s small vessel could still get out but the large one was severely restricted in the time it could go to sea. 

Mr Saunders said he will not allow people to cross the bar at night because of the dangerous situation and that craft should only use the bar two or three hours each side of the high tide.

Fix Currumbin Creek Committee is made up of local business-people and anglers, and in the past has focused on flood mitigation and navigation safety in supporting the VMR.

Founding members Mr Smith and Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey  met on the estuary foreshore to celebrate the occasion with a birthday cake.  Mr Smith acknowledged  Ms Stuckey and Councillors Daphne McDonald and Chris Robbins for their continual support for the group’s objectives.

Ms Stuckey said she had alerted the State Transport Minister to the growing safety risks at the entrance to the estuary  on numerous occasions and that lives were being placed at risk with the deterioration of the crossing.   However,  the Minister had continually avoided any State government responsibility and ruled out any major works to change the situation.

“Our group will never let the wheels of momentum cease in our campaign to open the bar and protect those entering the ocean via the estuary,” Mr Smith said.

He said thanks to Gold Coast City Council’s dredging program there had been short-term navigation channels.  The group had also been called in to voice their opinion on community projects such as parks and roundabouts.