Foul Water Concerning Currumbin Residents

4 Feb 2010 4:18 PMJann Stuckey

4 February 2010

Jann Stuckey MP, Member for Currumbin, has warned local residents to be aware of drinking water quality following a call from Tugun and Currumbin residents to say that they could no longer drink the water as it tasted like dirt.

“A bad taste was first noticed about 2 weeks ago.  When one resident called Gold Coast Water to notify them of her concerns she was informed not to drink the water which meant she had to go and buy water or purchase a filter,” said Ms Stuckey.

“Another resident said the smell and taste were so bad she wouldn’t even drink water that had passed through her home filter and had to buy bottled water.

“Water quality has deteriorated while work is underway to raise the Hinze Dam wall, with excuses of bad weather and heat being given for causing resident’s complaints.

“Currently water is being provided from the Little Nerang Dam which is supplying households from Mudgeeraba to Coolangatta.

“Apart from the dirty tasting water, one resident has found a grey tinge to water in the toilet bowl with sediments around the perimeter.

“Gold Coast City Council has said they will address the problem and flush out the mains in the near future but it’s not good enough to expect taxpayers to be forced to drink foul tasting and smelling water.

“Nor is it acceptable for a local government to withhold such important information.

“I urge all residents to report any unpleasant changes they may notice, especially in their drinking water, to Gold Coast Water on 1300 366 692.

“Currumbin residents have put up with enough disruption from the construction of the desalination plant and huge pipes laid through their streets.

“We pay a premium price for water and have every right to expect it to be safe to drink. Residents affected by undrinkable water deserve to be compensated for the cost of having to buy bottled water or water filters.

“This latest scenario has eroded public confidence in the safety of their water supply.


Media Contact: Jann Stuckey 0439 755 919