Gold Coast dudded with only 9 Bus Inspectors

29 Mar 2019 4:12 PMJann Stuckey

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey has slammed the Palaszczuk Labor Government for not providing sufficient resources to patrol bus services saying the Gold Coast has been dudded with too few Senior Network Officers.


“Fare evasion is rampant and costing Queensland taxpayers millions of dollars yet instead of increasing the number of Senior Network officers (SNOs) the Palaszczuk Labor Government have reduced them

“In 2017, then minister Trad, advised that 11 are solely dedicated to the Gold Coast network yet a reply to a question asked on 13 February this year said there were currently nine SNOs based on the Gold Coast.

“So that’s a reduction of eleven to nine officers on a service that carries around 15 million passengers a year, and these officers have to work in pairs.

‘Realistically your chance of getting caught cheating are incredibly low.

“There are 31 GoldlinQ customer service officers and 27 Queensland Rail authorised officers but only 9 Senior Network officers on the bus network!

“Little wonder fare evasion is out of control and on the rise so rapidly.

“Resident’s report to my office on a regular basis telling stories they have been on a bus and witnessed 11 people, not students, evading paying their fare.

“Fare evasion tripled in three years to a staggering 1.67 million times the fare evade button was pushed which costs Queenslanders millions of dollars in lost revenue.

““No-one believes the minister anymore when he says there will be more inspectors as the Gold Coast doesn’t see any.”

“Fare evasion will continue to rise while this incompetent Labor Government sits on it’s hands and ignores the problem.”


Ends 22 March 2019

Jann Stuckey

Excerpt from QON 90, 2019

“There are currently nine senior network officers (SNOs) based on the Gold Coast who work

alongside 31 GoldlinQ customer service officers, 27 Queensland Rail authorised officers and

78 Queensland Police Service (QPS) rail squad officers to perform revenue protection and

enforcement activities on Surfside Bus, Queensland Rail, and G:link light rail services.”