Gold Coast Ratepayers Suffer from Labor’s Water Legacy

15 Feb 2012 3:35 PMJann Stuckey

15 February 2012

During debate in State Parliament this week, Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey blamed successive Labor Government’s for the water torture faced by Gold Coast residents as a result of the ill-fated South East Queensland water reforms.

“Legislation to dismantle Allconnex by 1st July 2012 will give certainty to affected councils but it will bring further, as yet undetermined, cost burdens to Gold Coast residents,” Ms Stuckey said

“Eight pieces of water legislation have been introduced since Labor’s 2006 SEQ Water Reforms.

“Gold Coast residents were effective water warriors through the lengthy water restrictions and should be congratulated for their support of water saving measures, not punished with soaring water costs and now high dismantling fees because this Bligh Government mucked up yet again.

“This Labor legislation has already caused untold heartache and anger in the short time since its inception as residents were hit with soaring, unsustainable water price rises.

“Allconnex, the distributor-retailer commenced water services to the Gold Coast in July 2010, but lasted just one year as council buckled to community backlash and voted 8 -7  to dismantle it.

“Now the costs to dismantle Allconnex will be born by the Gold Coast City Council and its ratepayers.

“The Minister admitted he did not have any idea how high these costs could go, saying they could be anywhere up to $100 million.

“This is just another expensive Labor legacy, on top of the $1.2 billion desal plan now sitting idle in the Currumbin electorate.

“Labor has form when it comes to water reform – and its not pretty.

“Both the Beattie and Bligh Governments will be remembered for their shameful decisions that resulted in seizure of SEQ water assets from councils in 2006 and will continue to cost taxpayers for decades to come.

“I encourage the people in the Currumbin electorate and right across the Gold Coast to take their water bills to the ballot box on 24 March to drive home their point because water bills are the best how-to-vote card that they could get.

“Not Labor, not again, not this time.”