Hardhat Anna dodges Tugun Desal flack

26 Feb 2009 12:21 PMJann Stuckey

February 26, 2009

The LNP has ramped up the fight on the Gold Coast today, challenging Anna Bligh to don her hard hat and face angry Gold Coast locals at Tugun who are fighting to have their houses and community facilities fixed due to damage from the botched $1.2 billion desalination plant.

LNP Shadow Infrastructure Minister Fiona Simpson and LNP frontbencher and Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey met with affected residents today and pledged to fix Labor’s mess.

Ms Simpson said: “These mistakes should never have happened. Queensland Labor couldn’t run a chook raffle. They have had 11 years to build decent water infrastructure but even when they stole this plant midway through from the Gold Coast City Council, they managed to bungle it.

She described the Government’s changing array of excuses for the delayed opening as “tricky and shifty”.

“The Labor Party’s grasp of the truth is about as tricky and shifty as the foundations they’ve ruined in the vicinity of the desalination plant,” Ms Simpson said.

“Before Christmas they blamed something else for the delay, now they blame rusted pipes. They can’t be trusted to get this right into the future.”

Ms Stuckey said: “Tugun residents have had enough dirt, noise and disruption and now other suburbs are complaining how the project is affecting their daily lives.

“Now they are expected to drink slime that tastes of chlorine.

“People deserve a guarantee their neighbourhoods will be returned to the state they were in prior to construction and that the desalination plant will run efficiently.

“I’m committed to fighting to relocate the Tugun Footy Club soon.

“An LNP Government will ensure repair of damage to resident’s properties to pre-construction of desalination plant condition.”

In October when water pressure was tested, pipes in Kitchener Street burst. An Open day in November was scheduled to see 40 megalitres flow through the pipes followed by the full 125 megalitres on January 15.

The Tugun Football Club as a result is now sinking, dressing rooms have been demolished, holes have opened up over the ground, concrete footings are separating from foundations and streets are being dug up.

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