Bligh’s Smart State can’t create a single payroll

20 Oct 2009 4:37 PMJann Stuckey

20 October 2009

AFTER five years and $180 million the Bligh Labor government has failed to create a single, uniform payroll system for Queensland Government.

Shadow Minister for Public Works and Information and Communication Technology Jann Stuckey MP said that after wasting $180 million of taxpayers’ monies over five years, the Bligh Government’s solution was to continue to have separate...


15 Oct 2009 3:57 PMJann StuckeyElectorate

15 October 2009

Currumbin MP, Jann Stuckey is supporting a petition calling on the State Government to undertake independent monitoring of the brine output from the Tugun Desalination Plant.

“It has been brought to my attention that thorough monitoring by local fishermen has been stopped due to budgetary constraints,” said Ms Stuckey.

“This monitoring included photographs of various...

Call to Stop Coolangatta Violence

13 Oct 2009 4:26 PMJann StuckeyElectorate

13 October 2009Jann Stuckey MP, Member for Currumbin has called for a whole-of-community approach to combat violent street attacks.“Regular reports of increased violence on our streets indicate that messages are not getting through our youth to stop and think about the consequences of their actions,” said Ms Stuckey.“Yet another unprovoked bashing signifies that the State Government is not doing...

Government All At Sea Over Kirra

13 Oct 2009 12:41 PMJann StuckeyElectorate

13 October 2009Jann Stuckey, Member for Currumbin has accused the Bligh Government of backing away from their election promise to “bring back Kirra” with news that stage two works have been put on hold.“The minister continually tosses around the figure of $1.5million to fix Kirra which was a knee-jerk offer made during an election campaign, yet now she says Mother Nature has done the job for...

Desal brine needs better monitoring

7 Oct 2009 4:45 PMJann StuckeyElectorate

7 October 2009

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey has again today attacked the Bligh Government over delays with the Tugun Desalination Plant as the showpiece of this Government’s $9 billion water grid faces new concerns.

“Now, almost 3 years since it started we have a plant that the Government won’t commission because it has serious faults, has damaged properties in our suburbs, caused a...

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