Consultants on the money in health pay fiasco

28 Oct 2010 12:01 PMJann StuckeyNews, Public Works & ICT

28 October 2010

Consultants reaped a $2500 per day windfall tinkering with Queensland Health’s dysfunctional pay system while workers were still waiting for their pay, the LNP said today.

Shadow Minister for Information and Communication Technology Jann Stuckey said long-term Bligh and Labor had its priorities wrong again paying obscene amounts to consultants while nurses and health...

BSA overlooks the obvious during checks

28 Oct 2010 11:43 AMJann StuckeyNews, Public Works & ICT

28 October 2010Robert Schwarten’s boast about BSA investigators visiting building sites, exposed holes in a system that allowed illegal practices to continue.LNP Public Works spokeswoman Jann Stuckey said the Minister had made no mention of any investigation into the disturbing practice of ‘renting out’ building qualifications.


“The Minister claimed inspectors have been busy visiting building...

Shonky builders run rings around BSA

22 Oct 2010 10:41 AMJann StuckeyNews, Public Works & ICT

22 October 2010

More Queenslanders were ripped-off by shonky builders in 2009-10, as the toothless Building Services Authority (BSA) continued to fail consumers.

LNP Public Works spokeswoman Jann Stuckey said new figures* showed the BSA had failed in its primary duty of regulating the industry to protect consumers from dodgy builders.

“Surely a major part of the BSA’s responsibility in...

Schwarten admits not planning for the future

6 Oct 2010 3:34 PMJann StuckeyNews, Public Works & ICT

6 October 2010Robert Schwarten’s rambling abuse in Queensland Parliament cannot disguise the fact he has presided over another late IT project.Shadow Minister for Public Works and ICT Jann Stuckey said the almost $300 million IDES email and identity project is another in a long line of IT projects this Minister had failed to deliver on-time and on budget.“In 2009, the Minister clearly stated that,...

Schwarten oversees another delayed IT project

5 Oct 2010 3:57 PMJann StuckeyNews, Public Works & ICT

5 October 2010Another IT project overseen by Robert Schwarten has suffered significant delays, with the LNP cautioning it could be a disaster the same magnitude of the payroll crisis in the making.LNP ICT spokeswoman Jann Stuckey said the vision of a $297 million whole-of-Government email, identity management and directory service was rapidly unraveling with the Minister unable to say when it will...

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