Minister Secretive Over Bypass Panel Costs

26 Nov 2010 3:24 PMJann StuckeyElectorate, News

26 November 2010Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP is furious at the failure of the Bligh Government to reveal all the costs involved with replacing smashed glass panels along the Tugun Bypass.“The real costs of the removal and replacement of 70 smashed glass panels along the bypass are still unknown following further questions to the Minister for Main Roads,” Ms Stuckey said.“In reply to my...

Stuckey Slams Government Over Water Prices

25 Nov 2010 9:28 AMJann StuckeyElectorate, News

25 November 2010

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey MP used a speech on water legislation in the State Parliament to highlight the Labor Government’s failure to manage Queensland’s water crisis and the Tugun desalination project.

“Without doubt our state’s water crisis was due to the reprehensible neglect of water provision for over a decade by successive Labor Governments.


Payroll fix proves Schwarten is not up to the job

24 Nov 2010 11:44 AMJann StuckeyNews, Public Works & ICT

24 November 2010ROBERT Schwarten has been kicked to the sidelines as Labor attempts to apply a $210 million band-aid solution to the long-running ‘Shared Services’ payroll debacle.


LNP Shadow Minister for Public Works and Information and Communication Technology Jann Stuckey said after months of ducking and weaving the Premier had finally admitted that Robert Schwarten and his hand-picked...

Bligh Does Backflip on Desal

22 Nov 2010 2:27 PMJann StuckeyElectorate, News

22 November 2010

Currumbin MP, Jann Stuckey has challenged the state government to reveal the costs associated with keeping the Tugun desalination plant running compared with the costs of mothballing the facility.

A leaked report by the Queensland Water Commission outlining the Government’s cost saving options has identified mothballing the desal plant as a way to reduce bulk water...

Auditor-General finds QBuild payroll also a mess

18 Nov 2010 2:55 PMJann StuckeyNews, Public Works & ICT

18 November 2010The Auditor-General has found similar avoidable flaws in QBuild’s new payroll system to Queensland Health – millions of dollars wasted and staff left unpaid, the State Opposition said today.LNP Shadow Minister for Public Works and Information and Communication Technology Jann Stuckey said the Bligh government blew $32 million on the ‘Ellipse’ payroll system for QBuild which had...

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