IT failures a sign of things to come

18 Dec 2009 4:11 PMJann Stuckey

18 December 2009

No pay for public servants, medical records unable to be accessed, property title transfers stalled and fines paid but not recorded.

These are just some of the things Queenslanders can expect under Robert Schwarten’s bungled whole-of-government IT reform, the Opposition said today.

LNP Public Works and Information and Communication Technology spokeswoman Jann Stuckey said the Queensland Government offices had been crippled by ongoing internet failures after a major power failure in the Brisbane-based CITEC data centre.

“A number of departments, including the Ministerial offices of the Bligh Labor Government, are struggling to work with unreliable and intermittent email and online databases access as the system is yet to be fully operational after a blackout over a week ago.

“In May we saw Queensland Health patient records were inaccessible when a brief brown-out resulted in serious outages for over 20 health applications.

“This recent power failure has shown the Bligh Labor Government is not up to the task of overseeing the provision of these services.

“Minister Schwarten’s plan to have all departments networked through one Government provider will mean a minor failure has the potential to turn into a major disaster.

“This kind of failure would see the entire public service grind to a halt.

“ICT is far too important to allocate as a part-time portfolio responsibility.

“Reform of IT networks needs to be properly planned and managed to avoid Queensland’s government services falling over every time the power goes out.”

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