It’s official – Kirra Hill Belongs to the People!

5 Mar 2008 3:14 PMJann Stuckey

5 March 2008

Ms Jann Stuckey MP, Member for Currumbin, and elated members of the Save Kirra Hill Committee formed in 2004, celebrated news of the final transfer today at the former school site. 

After a long, dedicated battle by residents the historic and picturesque site of the old primary school has been handed over by the State Government to the Gold Coast City Council for community use.

“The Beattie Government made the announcement in February 2005 that they would gift the site to the community and it has taken three years to actually happen,” said Ms Stuckey

“At last it’s official that the Kirra Hill site, one that stirred up so much emotion and nostalgia within our local community and beyond, has now finally been handed over to the Gold Coast City Council to look after on behalf of the community.

“Together with the community and Save Kirra Hill Committee I fought hard on this issue and I’m absolutely delighted that it is now firmly in the community’s hands and will be open to public use,” she said.

 “ I raised the issue of Kirra Hill in Parliament on many occasions and believed that it was a wonderful victory by the people to have it handed back to the community.  GCCC has accepted the role of trustee of the site. 

Ms Stuckey called a public meeting back in August, 2004, after many residents had contacted her expressing their concerns that the site would be surplus to the Education Department and would be sold without any public consultation.

As a result of the meeting, the Save Kirra Hill Committee was formed  which lobbied for the preservation of the site; however, its quest for the site to be Heritage Listed was knocked back by the Heritage Council because it did not satisfy one of more of the criteria for entry in the Queensland Heritage Register.

Committee chairperson Jan Derbidge said she was elated that the site was now in the hands of the GCCC and that it had been a great victory by the people, for the people and with the people.

“This has been a great victory for all concerned and certainly one of the most satisfying since I was elected to represent this area in 2004,“ said Ms Stuckey

“Now all we need is for the State Government to show some leadership and step in to resolve issues between the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and the National Trust of Queensland.”