Jarrat abandons small business for Gillard-Brown carbon tax

24 Mar 2011 12:46 PMJann Stuckey

24 March 2011

STATE Labor’s Small Business Minister has kicked Queensland’s 420,000 small businesses when they’re down by refusing to oppose the Gillard-Brown carbon tax, the State Opposition said today.

LNP spokeswoman for Small Business Jann Stuckey questioned the Minister in State Parliament today about her failure to stand up for small business owners.

“The Minister abandoned them when I asked her why she can’t stand up to her Canberra Labor mates on a carbon tax,” Ms Stuckey said.

“On March 11 this year, Minister Jarrat told businesses to ‘wait and see’ what carbon tax was to be forced on them and we’ve heard nothing from her since …nothing positive … no hope and certainly no indication what sort of support business will get under Labor’s huge new tax.

“Queensland small business owners are already struggling to survive under Bligh Labor’s raft of taxes, levies and regulations, soaring electricity and water costs, and higher fuel prices.

“Today we heard the Minister expose her Government’s attitude to the plight of small businesses, which is to let them suffer.

“Queensland Small Businesses need some assurance and support, not more uncertainty, not more costs and tax.

“If the Minister can’t oppose Julia Gillard and Bob Brown’s Carbon Tax then she certainly can’t proclaim to be standing up for small business in Queensland.

“She’s washed her hands of protecting Queensland’s 420,000 small businesses.”