Jarratt admits to spruiking ‘dodgy deals’

15 Jul 2011 12:25 PMJann Stuckey

15 July 2011

TOURISM Minister Jan Jarratt has been forced to admit she put her name to some dodgy holiday deals that have since been pulled.

LNP Shadow Minister for Tourism Jann Stuckey said Minister Jarratt had engaged in some very misleading advertising that had damaged the industry.
“The Minister was forced to admit the holiday deals were wrong,” Ms Stuckey said.

“The performance of Minister Jarratt is a poor joke – she was caught out spruiking dodgy deals and she tried to hide the fact that her office issued a media release spruiking the cheap holiday and then pulled it down from the government website.
“It’s a sad fact the Tourism Minister now refuses to publicly apologise for the matter that led would-be holiday makers to phone Far North Queensland and Gold Coast resorts only to be told by front-desk staff they’ve never heard of the (cheap $37 and $48 a night) deals

“Today’s Estimates hearing showed a Minister totally out of her depth and with no long-term plans to rebuild Queensland’s struggling tourism industry.
“It’s a case of Labor throwing money to the wind and hoping it sticks.”

“If a registered travel agent behaved like this, promoting fake deals, they would be liable for prosecution under our Fair Trading laws,” Ms Stuckey said.

“I referred Ms Jarratt to Fair Trading – hopefully she will listen to them,” Ms Stuckey said.

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