Jarratt and Bligh support carbon tax over Cairns tourism

12 Jul 2011 12:34 PMJann Stuckey

12 July 2011

TOURISM Minister Jan Jarratt’s support of  Labor’s controversial and unpopular carbon tax is a slap in the face for Cairns tourism, the LNP said today.

LNP Shadow Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business Jann Stuckey said the Minister, Cairns MP Desley Boyle, Barron River MP Steve Wettenhall and Mulgrave MP Curtis Pitt were all backing Labor’s job destroying carbon tax.

“The Premier has failed to fight for the tourism industry, and Jan Jarratt and local Cairns Labor Members have all gone into hiding,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Where’s the care, where’s the understanding of how regional tourism businesses are struggling – how many jobs are at risk, particularly in Cairns and Port Douglas?”

Ms Stuckey said with the Premier petulantly telling the industry to “suck it up” (extra costs from carbon tax) the tourism industry had been disgracefully ignored by state Cabinet.

“Jan Jarratt has been telling the industry to wait and see what the tax impact will be.

“The time for waiting is over. It’s blatantly obvious that Cairns and reef tourism will suffer from higher domestic airfares, higher room rates, and higher transport costs through the extra 6c a litre tax on marine diesel.

“Labor’s carbon tax will make tourism, particularly in Cairns less competitive, less attractive – right at a time when taxpayers’ dollars are being spent urging us to holiday in Queensland.”

Ms Stuckey said Labor’s carbon tax was a direct tax on Queensland’s struggling tourist industry.

“The arrogant out of touch Labor party is forcing a tax on us that will see more Aussies holiday overseas and bypass FNQ.

“The CanDo LNP team opposes the carbon tax. We will stand up against Canberra, and fight for Queensland jobs and businesses.”