Jarratt silent on Dunk and Bedarra resorts

3 Aug 2011 1:20 PMJann Stuckey

3 August 2011

LABOR’S silent Tourism Minister Jan Jarratt had gone to ground over the faltering Queensland tourism market, the State Opposition said today.

LNP Shadow Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business Jann Stuckey said resorts on Dunk and Bedarra Islands, off Mission Beach, were destroyed by Cyclone Yasi in February and operator Hideaway Resorts was struggling to rebuild.

“Dunk and Bedarra have been part of the fabric of Australian and Queensland tourism for many years and their closure would be a huge blow to our tourist industry,” Ms Stuckey said.

“The whole Cairns-Innisfail-Mission Beach region is working to recover and the last thing we need is a Tourism Minister not willing to go into bat for our tourist operators.

“Bligh Labor has done very little to directly assist struggling resorts and tourist operators, while its never ending  increases in business and transport costs include everything from soaring electricity, vehicle registration costs, licences, fuel and layer upon layer of red tape.”

Ms Stuckey said one of the biggest threats to Queensland tourism and particularly to the Cairns and Mission Beach region was Labor’s carbon tax.

“Labor’s carbon tax will hit Queensland tourism for six, and it’s a tax personally backed by Jan Jarratt and Labor’s Members in Cairns.

“Jan Jarratt has personally backed the carbon tax – a tax that is going to hit airlines, hit resorts and hit every tourist operator in FNQ.

“Only the CanDo LNP will fight Labor’s job-destroying carbon tax, cut waste and stand up for Queensland’s icon tourist industry.”