Jarratt stays silent over carbon tax whack

4 Aug 2011 12:34 PMJann Stuckey

4 August 2011

TOURISM Minister Jan Jarratt knew all about the impact of Labor’s job-destroying carbon tax while telling Queensland tourism operators and small businesses to ‘wait and see’ the LNP said today.

LNP Shadow Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business Jann Stuckey questioned Minister Jarratt in parliament this morning about her duplicitous behaviour.

“During Estimates the Minister said the Government had known for ‘years’ of an impending carbon tax, and that her department had been working with businesses for ‘years’ to prepare for the negative impacts.

“Will the Minister now advise the House why she told businesses earlier this year to ‘wait and see’ what the effects of Labor’s carbon tax would be when clearly this job destroying tax has been on her agenda for years,” Ms Stuckey asked.

Ms Stuckey said the Minister knew only too well that Queensland’s struggling tourism industry would be hit for six by the tax but told everyone to wait and see.

“Our struggling tourism industry relies so much on aviation , yet  is saddled with a Minister who supports a carbon tax which she knows will cripple local tourism.

“On March 11 this year Minister Jarratt told everyone to ‘just wait and see’ what Julia Gillard and Bob Brown had in store for them with the carbon tax. 

“Well, they’ve waited and now the carbon tax details have been released, it’s clear our tourism operators will suffer from higher domestic airfares, higher room rates, higher transport costs and higher power rates.

“Labor’s carbon tax will make tourism less competitive, less attractive – at a time when this Labor Government is urging us to holiday in Queensland by a Minister who was caught out spruiking super cheap deals that didn’t exist.

“Labor is forcing a tax on us that will see more Aussies holiday overseas and bypass Queensland – while the Minister and Member for Whitsunday has planned for the carbon tax all along and in her own words: “We have been working with tourism businesses, manufacturing businesses and with small businesses in many sectors for many years now on preparing them to succeed and be sustainable within a carbon constrained economy”.

“Jan Jarratt knew the carbon tax was coming, but chose to tell businesses to just ‘wait and see’ – well, they’ve waited and they’ve seen that Labor’s carbon tax will further destroy their businesses – destroy jobs and destroy opportunities right across Queensland.

“The CanDo LNP team will fight Labor’s carbon tax, cut waste and support Queensland’s iconic tourism industry.”