Join the Push for a School Based Police Officer

26 Sep 2017 4:19 PMJann Stuckey



Join the Push for a School Based Police Officer



For over a year now our 2 high school principals and our local police have been lobbying for a dedicated School Based Police Officer (SBPO) and I have been supporting their push with speeches in Parliament, questions on notice, brochures throughout our community and via the media.


SBPO’s play an important role within the school community, acting as another positive layer of guidance to teens who face more challenges today than ever before.


At a time when reports of weapons and drugs being carried into school yards becomes more regular, the case for a SBPO is stronger than ever.


I am not for one moment suggesting that our schools have more problems than any others, as both of our high schools are outstanding education facilities.


Having an SBPO assigned to your school has many benefits which is why our principals and police have requested one to be shared between our local schools.


In another Gold Coast high school where a SPBO has been in place it has been reported that in a relatively short space of time the following measurable benefits have been noticed –


  • Reduced the number of students sending inappropriate digital recordings to each other

  • Enhanced domestic violence campaigns within the school

  • Changing aggressive adult behaviours in the school grounds

  • Engaging with the most at risk students in a proactive way to improve behaviours

  • Reduce the incidence of shoplifting in the local area by students

  • Better placed to deal with other situations that may present at the school

  • Targeting elements of a drug culture within the school


To support the proactive relationships between students and local police please join the push for a School Based Police Officer on the following link or text YES to 0429 044 824.






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