Jones mocks efforts of Queensland tourism operators

6 May 2015 8:28 PMJann Stuckey

Minister for Tourism Kate Jones has once again shown contempt for the tourism industry by criticising the tireless efforts of Queensland operators and industry bodies.

Shadow Minister for Tourism Jann Stuckey said it was disappointing to see the Minister trying to score cheap political points while tarnishing the dedicated efforts of the tourism industry in Question Time in State Parliament today.

“Once again this Minister has shown she has no understanding of how tourism works – she has no plan and has failed to set any targets,” Ms Stuckey said.

“If she had bothered to do her homework she would know the Auditor-General’s report was started on Labor’s watch in 2012 and his recommendations were a result of Labor’s poor management of this crucial sector.

“The follow up audit concluded that over the last three years the number of higher quality hotels, visitor services and facilities, major events and attractions had increased, and the Department and Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) are now better placed to support the tourism industry.

“Instead of recognising the significant achievements of TEQ, our thirteen Regional Tourism Organisations, and numerous industry bodies such as QTIC that developed twenty year Destination Tourism Plans, the Minister instead chose to talk them down.

“In government the LNP aligned its goal with Tourism Australia, setting an aspirational target to double overnight visitor expenditure by 2020.

“Recent industry reports show that the 2020 target will be difficult for Tourism Australia to achieve with weather events, the Australian dollar and external cost factors that determine the industry’s growth.

“Rather than throwing rocks at an industry that is a true pillar of the Queensland economy the Minister should be supporting our operators and she could start by launching a dedicated campaign to assist our drought-ravaged Outback.”

[ENDS] 6 May 2015