Labor abandons Office of Regulatory Efficiency

6 Jul 2011 10:44 AMJann Stuckey

6 July 2011

BLIGH Labor had abandoned its Office for Regulatory Efficiency (QORE) and was now blowing more taxpayers’ money hiring a small business commissioner, the LNP said today. 

LNP Shadow Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business Jann Stuckey said Queensland’s small business community was screaming for red tape reduction – not another token bureaucrat with a fancy title.

“The appointment of a business commissioner is a waste of taxpayers’ money and a vote of no confidence in the Office of Regulatory Efficiency and Minister Jarratt,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Struggling small businesses need direct action now, not another Labor mate with a fancy title.

“The Bligh government’s budget confirmed what far too many small business operators tell me all too frequently – that Labor has walked away from them.”

Mrs Stuckey said the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland reported Queensland was the most over-regulated of any state in Australia.

“Queensland is far from being a small business-friendly, low-regulation, low-tax state.

“If the Office of Regulatory Efficiency has failed to redress over-regulation, how is one more bureaucrat going to make any difference?

“Our State’s small businesses are hurting because Labor offers nothing to lift business confidence.

“Only the LNP will cut waste and deliver more to boost business confidence,” Ms Stuckey said.